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1 de Agosto 2005

Hurricane Tracking

(click for larger image)

During mid-July Hurricane Emily crossed the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. I was just learning about Google Earth's KML file format, so I decided to create a hurricane track . Based on another post in the GE forums by someone called mcshea98, I created a track and updated a few times a day based on data from WeatherUnderground. The numbers along the track represent the hurricane category, and if you click on the numbers you will get data such as wind speed and pressure. I posted the KML file on the GE Forums here.

Both visual satellite and infared satellite photos are downloaded in real-time when you first open the GE file. Since the storm is long gone, what you will see now is the current weather conditions.

As you can see from the screen shot, the hurricane was located where my track was at the time of the screenshot.

Click here to see the file itself from within GE.

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