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31 de Agosto 2005

Hurricane Katrina Video and Google Earth

The devastation left behind Hurricane Katrina is awful. 'johnmora' of Nashville, TN watched a helicopter video from the website of WLBT of Jackson, MS and created placemarks for showing the Google Earth locations for various shots of complete destruction shown in the video (based on timestamp). Here is his post at the Google Earth BBS.

You should go to the WLBT website and select the video titled: "Mississippi Gulf Coast Damage from Skycopter 3". If you are viewing the video with Windows Media Player look to the lower right for the current time stamp, or when using the slider to go to a particular part of the video. You can load John's placemarks here . Then match the time stamp to the placemarks John created.

If you haven't seen much of the video of the damage, this is one video you should watch. These placemarks help you see what it was like before these beautiful places were demolished.

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