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17 de Agosto 2005

Google Earth Uncensors

The recent update to the Google Earth database puts back the US Capitol Building and the White House which were blurred out in the earlier database. This is apparently in response to the complaints from some worried about how Google Earth photos could be abused by terrorists (despite the fact that all of these photos are readily available from many other sources). I guess Google Earth has taken the position they shouldn't censor anything if the data is readily available.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 17 de Agosto 2005 a las 09:05 AM

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    I, for one, would love to know more about how the database is managed. I've spent a lot of time in Iceland and so wanted to track down some old haunts there in Reykjavik and elsewhere. I was surprised to find Reykjavik at very low resolution, whereas the tiny fishing village of Akranes, just across the harbor, is in sharp detail. Seems strange, and haphazard. I think anyone using Google Earth for the first time will be anxious for Google to get high resolution views more and more widespread.

    Enviado por: Paul Gilster at 19 de Agosto 2005 a las 08:06 PM

    Yes, there are a large number of such requests to improve the database at the Google Earth/Keyhole Forums

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 23 de Agosto 2005 a las 11:35 AM

    Conspiracy theories abound as to the reason why the US Naval Observatory (where the Vice President resides) is still pixilated. :)

    Enviado por: Shawn K at 29 de Agosto 2005 a las 02:49 PM

    Gee, does that really require a conspiracy theory? :-)

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 29 de Agosto 2005 a las 03:11 PM

    Can someone "pixilate" my mother in law's house ?

    Enviado por: ziz at 8 de Octubre 2005 a las 03:48 AM

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