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31 de Agosto 2005

California is Trashy

Not sure why someone would do this, but a guy called 'jpbrody' took the trouble of converting all 2500 registered trash locations in the state of California and converted them into a Google Earth KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file. You can view the trash here . He posted them at the GE Community BBS here. This means you can view all 2500 trash locations in California through Google Earth.

Actually, it is kind of interesting to browse through and see which of the sites are actually visible from the satellite or aerial photos available. I'm sure 2500 sites is not unusual for a state the size of California especially since these are both current and past sites.

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    I'm not surprise at the different things/locations that people will be inclined to post. Its just like getting a new toy - meaning Google Earth. I just got it a while ago and I can't wait to get to the level that others are at as far as posting their own maps and such.

    Enviado por: Rose at 21 de Noviembre 2006 a las 09:47 PM

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