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10 de Agosto 2005

Arizona Hiking Trip

One of my first serious uses of GE was to examine data from a recent backpacking trip. The backpacking trip was up Mount Wrightson, Arizona and I took my GPS along for the hike. I saved the track and waypoints from the GPS and imported them into GE. Then I superimposed a USGS topgraphical map of the area for further reference. I also added some photos taken during the trip (which I georeferenced using the GPS track and time stamps from the camera).

The result is a GE KMZ file which you can view which really illustrates the backpacking trip. Especially if you use the tilt function (I recommend using your middle mouse button if you have one) to see the rugged terrain of this 4000 foot ascent. You also get an idea just how fabulous the view is from this peak.

By the way, if you turn on "Borders" in GE you can see that the border of Arizona and Mexico is easily viewed from the peak.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 10 de Agosto 2005 a las 08:20 AM

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    Hey Frank - that was a great hike and looking at the track makes me remember the many slow and painfull steps along the trail. You can almost count 32 switchbacks too. Panning around gives a great view of the profile of the mountains similar to what I saw a month or so ago when the Florida fire was burning down there (see my new photoblog - http://pixofmyuniverse.blogspot.com/ - for some pictures of lightning in the Santa Ritas).

    Enviado por: Jim at 17 de Agosto 2005 a las 04:30 PM

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