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20 de Agosto 2005

All Atlantic Hurricanes 1851-Present

In a post a month ago, Paul Seabury announced he had converted the tracks and information on all Hurricane Tracks since 1851 into GE Files. Here is a link to the web page where you can download the files for each decade's worth of tracks. Each file contains place marks organized into folders for for each year, and so on.

As an example, he offered the 1960s tracks . Open the GE File and you will see a new Places entry,and 1960 hurricanes storm tracks will appear (as shown above). A legend showing the storm category colors is also shown. Open the places folders to show a particular year and turn it on. You will see all the storms for that particular year.

If you zoom in, each mark on the track is labeled with the date and time of position, clicking on a mark on the track shows even more storm information.

Excellent work Paul!

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