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23 de Agosto 2005

3D Buildings in Google Earth

[NOTE: With Google Earth 4 you just find the "3D Buildings" layer in the Layers pane on the lower left. Also, updated to add Japan with 3D buildings.]

Another feature not found by some beginning users of Google Earth is the 3D buildings layer. You turn on the "Buildings" option and, for 38 of the largest cities in the US, and many cities in Japan, Google has created 3D models of the many buildings in that city. Try Chicago, Illinois for example. Make sure, after you turn it on, that you use the "Tilt" feature as I described in an earlier entry.

Some enterprising guys posted their own smaller town in 3D at the GE Community BBS with a very nice model of their company's (@ Last Software) building in Boulder, Colorado. Here is their post, and you can open their version of Boulder, Colorado in 3D. This is just a precursor of potential ways of advertising your business using the Google Earth.

[NOTE: if you aren't seeing mountains, make sure the "Terrain" layer is turned on.]

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    thanks for this...!

    Enviado por: murli at 23 de Marzo 2006 a las 02:17 AM

    I am new to google world but i love it already and the hints are extremly helpful. I use it every day. Thanks

    Enviado por: Merril Anderson at 8 de Diciembre 2006 a las 08:42 PM

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